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Foxblade Fable

Driven from his home, a young boy named Leigh must master his powers as a one of the last remaining Celestials in order to thwart the evil king who relentlessly pursues him.

In this action role-playing game inspired by JRPGs of the late 90s, you join Leigh, Pierce, and Miah on their journey through the fantastical kingdom of Praethes

  • An ATB combat system featuring a unique Action Point mechanic. Strategically manage when to conserve AP and when to spend it on powerful attacks in a combat system that will feel right at home in the 90s.
  • Experience a heart-felt story of a young boy coming to terms with the complexities of the world and his own self-doubt - with a few shocking twists!
  • Meet a colorful and diverse cast of furry characters that inhabit the world.

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