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Foxblade Fable

In the world of "Gaia" - a realm on the verge of a magical industrial revolution - a nation known as the Empire wages a long and brutal war campaign against its adversary to the north: the Republic. Its leader, King Rowan, seeks a way to bring an end to the war and claim victory for the Empire. 

In the remote village of Ashvale, a young fox boy named Leigh finds his home in flames - attacked by a man bearing the sigil of the Empire he lives under. On the run, he meets and befriends Pierce (a stoic wanderer from the Republic) and Miah (a cheerful yet mysterious magician), and learns about his destiny as the last remaining Celestial - those who are descended from both the mortal Gaians and the ancient Divines.

The ragtag group set off on a quest to help Leigh gather his powers as a Celestial and confront the King who relentlessly pursues him. Along the way they will learn to overcome each of their inner struggles, uncover the truth behind the King's plans, and will reveal secrets that could change their lives forever.


  • An ATB combat system featuring a unique Action Point mechanic. Strategically manage when to conserve AP and when to spend it on powerful attacks in a combat system that will feel right at home in the 90s.
  • Experience a heart-felt story of a young boy coming to terms with the complexities of the world and his own self-doubt - with a few shocking twists!
  • Meet a colorful and diverse cast of furry characters that inhabit the world.

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