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Foxblade Fable

A young boy is forced to embark on a quest to master the powers of the Divines · By Crit Chance Studios


Recent updates

It's been a while!
Wow it's been a while huh. Well, since my last post Foxblade has been through a few changes - you might have noticed the banner change! So what have I been up t...
Missing SAGE '23 (& life stuff)
Originally I had plans to try and have a playable demo of Foxblade ready to go for this year's SAGE - but as it happens life had other plans. I had to take a pr...
Revisiting VFX style
Recently I decided to take another pass at the VFX in Foxblade. In this video I talk about what games inspired the new approach and show off some examples of th...
Progress roundup! #3
Time once again for a dev progress roundup! Added random encounters The Stingscythe enemy is in Added weather effects, lighting features & background sound effe...
Progress roundup! #2
Another quick little devlog! I've also started posting these on Youtube & TikTok, if you wanna follow me on either of those! Party members now play a little vic...
Progress roundup!
I think I might try and do these little update roundups semi-regularly, maybe every week, maybe every two weeks to summarize the progress I've been making on th...
First devlog!
Hello!! So this is the first devlog of my game Foxblade Fable, a furry 90s action JRPG I've had cooking in my brain for a while - since 2016 in fact! It's a gam...

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