It's been a while!

Wow it's been a while huh.

Well, since my last post Foxblade has been through a few changes - you might have noticed the banner change! So what have I been up to? Well:

  • Foxblade has been reworked into a turn-based RPG. I did this because all the slipping deadlines helped me realize I had picked a game that is way too large in scope as my first ever commercial project. I decided turn based was more feasible both from a game design perspective as well as from a financial perspective (it lets me reuse assets a lot more efficiently, as things no longer require nearly as many bespoke animations). This might be a little disappointing to some who were expecting a different kind of game, but I truly think it's the best path forward to have a chance at getting Foxblade out the door in the first place. And I hope the combat system I've devised is still just as fun to play!
  • The demo scenario has been reworked - instead of being set in a network of caves, I decided to set it in an abandoned section of sewers underneath Galeport City. I felt this afforded more opportunities for puzzles, environmental storytelling, world-building, etc.
  • Speaking of reworking the demo scenario, darn near the whole plot has gotten a rewrite. I think this final iteration represents a very rich and emotional story, and I am extremely proud of what I've put to paper (or, well, word document). I think this will be a story that people will really enjoy, full of characters they will really love (or love to hate, haha!)

In a future post I'll talk more about the new combat system I've been building for this game - but until then here's some screenshots of what I've been working on since that last post! Also featuring plenty of work by both Layke and Hex_bug, and Failpositive is also hard at work crafting one of the boss themes for the game!

The title screen
Exploring the Galeport Sewers

Leigh and Pierce facing off against a pair of Miremucks, a common enemy found in the game

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