First devlog!


So this is the first devlog of my game Foxblade Fable, a furry 90s action JRPG I've had cooking in my brain for a while - since 2016 in fact! It's a game I've wanted to make for a very long time, and combines inspiration from a wide variety of my interests - there's some Kingdom Hearts inspiration, a little Klonoa, a little Secret of Mana, and more.

So for this first devlog, let me talk about where the project is at.

Currently I'm working on the combat prototype. Attached is a video of this - you can play as Leigh and fight a handful of slime monsters (called "Miremucks"). I'm working on getting all the mechanics of combat implemented at this stage, such as ground and air combos, auto targetting, damage calculation, etc. There's still a bit left to do (currently the spell system is TBD), and then the next steps will be to work on the field exploration bit. Longer term, I would like to implement a full dungeon as a playable demo, in particular the first dungeon of the game (the "Droning Depths").

By the way, credit to @hex_bug on Twitter for providing the Leigh and Miremuck sprites! They've been absolutely delightful to work with and I will be continuing to commission them in the future.

I've also been working on a lot of story writing & concept art tasks. I have the story outline basically done, so it mostly just needs some finer details and script writing. Concept art is an ongoing task, I've mostly been concepting specific characters & some important objects to the story.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now, but I'm really excited to share more progress as I go!

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