Progress roundup!

I think I might try and do these little update roundups semi-regularly, maybe every week, maybe every two weeks to summarize the progress I've been making on the game and show everybody where it's at. I'll see how much progress I can make before the next one, we'll see.

In today's roundup:

  • Win/lose conditions! When Leigh falls in battle, the game will now show an animation and transition to a game over screen (WIP). Quit does not work yet, but you can retry the fight as it currently stands. Additionally, slaying all of the Miremuck opponents will show a simple (also WIP) victory screen which will show you any EXP gained from the battle, level ups, items and gold, etc. I also plan on having all of the party members strike a little pose, and perhaps at some point play a little voice quip, but I don't have the assets for that yet so it's TBD.
  • Command deck! Leigh can have up to a certain number of commands equipped in addition to his standard attack/block/dodge moveset. Each command has a cooldown associated with it, so you can't use the command again until the cooldown expires. Later in the game I plan to allow you to use Ether items to instantly reduce this cooldown, or equip accessories which modify the duration of cooldowns, but again that's TBD.
  • Flare and Thunder spells implemented as commands, so you can now cast a fireball at your opponents or strike them with Thunder. These each also deal elemental damage, but for now the Miremuck does not have any specific elemental weaknesses (later in the game, some enemies may be susceptible to specific elemental damage though)

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