Missing SAGE '23 (& life stuff)

Originally I had plans to try and have a playable demo of Foxblade ready to go for this year's SAGE - but as it happens life had other plans.

I had to take a pretty long break from Foxblade as we just wrapped up a big move from our apartment into a house. That move put a huge strain on my bank account, and meant that not only was I too busy to personally work on Foxblade, I also couldn't afford any of my collaborators working on anything either.

The good news is now that the move is done, my finances should stabilize soon and I am already back to working on things.

The bad news is that the demo submission deadline for SAGE is August 21st, which I am absolutely not going to make.

That's really unfortunate, but it is what it is. I am still planning on having a playable demo ready by the end of the year. While still a ways off, I am watching the Trello task list shrink & it's kind of exciting (and a little scary)!

By the way, if you head over to our Patreon, you can see more stuff like key art, OST previews, & more! You can also get early access to a demo when it's ready :)

Anyway, hoping to have more updates to share soon! Thank you for sticking with me!

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