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A Y2K-nostalgia-inspired 3D Fantasy Console · By Crit Chance Studios


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UPDATE: New CD driver, CD throttling changes
Hello! Been a while! This update mostly touches the CD reader system in Dreambox: There's now a brand new option to boot Dreambox games directly from physical C...
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HOTFIX: drawGeometry crash
Another quick patch today. This one fixes a potential AccessViolation crash in vdp_drawGeometry calls!...
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HOTFIX: Backface culling + Keyboard input
Quick patch once again to fix a couple of bugs: Fixed vdp_setCulling not actually taking effect until next call to vdp_setWindingOrder Fixed keyboard input not...
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HOTFIX: Debug mode change
This is a small hotfix that affects an aspect of debugging in DreamBox. DreamBox runs on wasmtime, which has an option to enable debug information in WASM modul...
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UPDATE: New vertex format, texture update API
Small update this time, just a couple of new things! There's a brand new vdp_PackedVertex vertex format, and an associated vdp_drawGeometryPacked function. Inte...
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UPDATE: fs_ API bugfixes & vm changes
Hey all, a new update just went live! This is mostly a bugfix patch but also has a couple of new limitations to be aware of: Fixed fs_* APIs returning -1 in man...
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UPDATE: KB binding, launch options, & API changes
Hello! Once again a new build is up, and it has some nice features I'd like to cover: New command-line launch options for booting directly to disc - you can use...
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New Official Rust SDK!
As of now, there is a brand new Rust SDK for creating DreamBox games. In fact, as of now this is the primary supported method of creating DreamBox games for a c...
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This console is incredible! I'm a developer, and I have one question: How can I make something like this myself?
started by ACIDULATED 49 days ago
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