UPDATE: VDP bugfix + new YUV texture format

Quick little update for Dreambox!

This fixes a bug which meant texture memory was being improperly tracked (and wouldn't go down after releasing a texture), but also adds a brand new texture format: YUV420!

This is a planar YCrCb texture with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, 8 bits per pixel. You may either upload contiguous plane data using the existing set_texture_data call (plane order is Y, then U, then V), or alternatively you can upload separate Y, U, and V planes using the new set_texture_data_yuv call.

YUV420 textures also have the power of two size requirement lifted (though dimensions must still be divisible by 2), and are intended to assist with fullscreen YCbCr video playback.

For now, mipmapping is disabled on these textures and partial region updates with set_texture_data_region are not supported.


dbsdk.zip 1.3 MB
Jun 24, 2023
dreambox-windows-alpha.zip 37 MB
Version 12 Jun 24, 2023
dreambox-linux-alpha.zip 11 MB
Version 10 Jun 24, 2023

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