UPDATE: New CD driver, CD throttling changes

Hello! Been a while!

This update mostly touches the CD reader system in Dreambox:

  • There's now a brand new option to boot Dreambox games directly from physical CDs! To do this, pass "--diskdriver cd" as a commandline option to the Dreambox executable. This option will cause Dreambox to look for a CD drive on your computer. To create a CD for use with this option, you can just burn existing Dreambox ISOs directly to a CD! Note that Linux is a bit untested at the moment, so if you encounter any errors please let me know.
  • I have also modified the existing ISO file driver for CDs, to fix how throttling is being performed. This should make the read performance of ISO files very nearly match the performance of reading from a physical CD running at 24X speed (tested by comparing against a USB cd reader I own).


dreambox-windows-alpha.zip 37 MB
Version 11 Feb 09, 2023
dreambox-linux-alpha.zip 11 MB
Version 9 Feb 09, 2023

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