UPDATE: New vertex format, texture update API

Small update this time, just a couple of new things!

  • There's a brand new vdp_PackedVertex vertex format, and an associated vdp_drawGeometryPacked function. Internally, this IS the vertex format Dreambox uses to draw, but the old vertex format still exists and will be automatically converted for you. The new vertex format is much smaller - 32 bytes per vertex compared to the old 64 bytes per vertex!
  • There's a new vdp_setTextureDataRegion function. This adds a new region rectangle parameter you can use to only update a portion of a texture.


dreambox-windows-alpha.zip 37 MB
Version 7 Sep 26, 2022
dreambox-linux-alpha.zip 11 MB
Version 5 Sep 26, 2022

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