UPDATE: KB binding, launch options, & API changes

Hello! Once again a new build is up, and it has some nice features I'd like to cover:

  • New command-line launch options for booting directly to disc - you can use -s/--startcd [path/to/iso] to start DreamBox with a CD already inserted, OR you can use -f/--fastbootcd [path/to/iso] to completely bypass the DreamBox shell and boot directly into the game (useful for development, as you can skip the boot logo animation this way)
  • Keyboard bindings are now available. The default bindings are left stick assigned to WASD, right stick assigned to TFGH, face buttons are assigned to PLOK (a button is L, b button is P, x button is K and y button is O), L1 and R1 are Q and E, L2 and R2 are left and right shift, L3 and R3 are left and right control, start is Enter, and select is Spacebar. These are configurable of course - you can find DreamBox's config file in %userprofile%\Documents\SavedGames\dreambox\config.json on Windows, or ~HOME/.local/share/dreambox/config.json on Linux.
  • Added a new fs_flush function for flushing file streams opened for write to disk.
  • Now all fs_* functions set errno to ESUCCESS on success rather than leaving it as-is.


dbsdk.zip 1 MB
Sep 21, 2022
dreambox-windows-alpha.zip 37 MB
Version 5 Sep 21, 2022
dreambox-linux-alpha.zip 11 MB
Version 3 Sep 21, 2022

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